NACAS Webinar: Acquiring & Managing Actionable Customer Feedback

NACAS Webinar: Acquiring & Managing Actionable Customer Feedback

On August 11th, the Buzz.Report leadership team facilitated a webinar in partnership with Jeanine Brooks from the University of Alabama. Approximately 50 attendees participated in the webinar and responded to the accompanying survey. The presentation slide deck and survey results can be viewed on the Buzz.Report web site here.

The webinar focused on a three-part feedback strategy that serves as the cornerstone of the Buzz.Report platform: personal (face-to-face) feedback, structured feedback (e.g. written surveys) and automated monitoring. Jeanine Brooks shared real-world examples of student feedback and how the university addressed different scenarios.

The survey results were consistent with the Buzz.Report team’s previous research, which showed that many university Auxiliary Services have not implemented a systematic approach to monitoring and responding to student feedback. Many schools address online comments (positive and negative) in an ad-hoc manner. Part of the reason for this challenge is the proliferation of digital communication channels and the difficulty of persuading students to respond to traditional surveys.

The Buzz.Report team will present at the NACAS conference in San Antonio this November, where the team will share additional details about its findings as well as data and insights that have surfaced during the launch phase of the company’s new software platform.
Adam O’Donnell and John Roberts are Founders of Buzz.Report, a feedback management system that focuses on helping college auxiliary professionals make more informed decisions by aggregating actionable data.

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