Congrats to the Buzz Score Award Winners!

It’s only been a few short weeks since our team returned from the recent NACAS conference, where we had the privilege of announcing the winners of the Buzz Score award. The award is designed to recognize Auxiliary Professionals who have demonstrated an exemplary commitment to listening to their customers.

One of the most significant trends in the marketing world is the movement from broadcast technology to listening technology. We created the Buzz Score award because we wanted to highlight individuals who recognized this trend and the need to stay ahead of the curve.

“I remember a time not so long ago when auxiliary services leaders were challenged to find ways to get feedback from their constituents,” says Chris Bradie of University of Pennsylvania. “But with the advent of social media, we now seem to get far more commentary than we can readily handle. Tools such as Buzz Report provide an at-a-glance view of a variety of channels. In turn, that information gives us insight into customer perceptions, helps us spot trending topics, and assists us in making the necessary decisions to be responsive to the campus community.”

“Within social media conversations are imbedded the keys to success in our operations,” says Rich Steele of Georgia Tech. “As an administrator, I cannot find value in our students online conversations without a tool like Buzz.Report to locate, aggregate and rate how we are doing.”


Award winners were chosen based on scoring criteria that we applied uniformly to auxiliary service providers services 65 different campuses and 1 million students! Awards went to the teams that demonstrated the highest degree of responsiveness to online comments, taking positive or negative comment sentiment into account.

The winners of the 2015 Buzz Score award are:

First Place: Christopher Bradie, Associate Vice President, Business Services University of Pennsylvania, At-Large Board Member of NACAS






Rich SteeleSecond Place: Rich Steele, CASP, Senior Director Auxiliary Services at Georgia Institute of Technology, President Elect of NACAS South





Jeanine BrooksThird Place:
Jeanine Brooks, University of Alabama, Professional Development Committee Committee Chair, Director of Action Card